Project Description

In this project based on a real-world scenario, I acted as the Cloud Architect in charge of migrating a workload from On-premises environment to a MultiCloud Architecture. The workloads consisted of a Client-Server application and an Oracle On-premises Database.

For that, I had to follow a few instructions:

  • I could use OCI and/or Azure provider;
  • MultiCloud Architecture was allowed;
  • Oracle DB had to run on Exadata infrastructure;
  • Oracle DB had to be fully managed service (serverless);
  • I had to use only OCI for the Database tier;
  • The Application had to be converted from VM to Container;
  • The Application had to use Container Serverless service;
  • The Infrastructure had to be deployed by IaC (Infrastructure as Code).


  • OCI Account
  • Microsoft Azure Account

Solution Architecture

Tools & Technology

  • OCI Virtual Cloud Network
  • OCI Objetct Storage
  • OCI Autonomous Database
  • Azure App Service