Project Description

In this project based on a real-world scenario, I acted as a Cloud Specialist to modernize and migrate an on-premises infrastructure environment to Microsoft Azure. I deployed a set of Virtual Machines, the infrastructure, a shared file system and replaced backups from tape to cloud backups with 99.9% (3-nines) availability.

I used a Resource Group to organize resources, a VNet with a subnet where we would have the provisioning of 2 Application VMs and Azure Files as a shared file system solution between our Application VMs.

All the power and reliability of Azure Backup with Azure Recovery Services have been used to configure the backup of files in the shared file system. Once again, Azure Backup has been used to move the files to the Recovery Services Vault.


  • Microsoft Azure Account

    Solution Architecture

    Tools & Technology

    • Azure Files
    • Azure Backup
    • Azure Recovery Services Vault
    • Virtual Network
    • Resource Group
    • Virtual Machine

    Project Implementation Phases

    1 – Creation of 2 Virtual Machines to simulate the on-premises environment

    2 – Creation of 1 file shares with files to simulate the loss and recovery of these files

    3 – Backup configuration within the file shares so that we have a backup and can recover it through the Azure Recovery Services Vault