Project Description

In this real world-based project, I acted as a Cloud Specialist to create a solution for people who were working in the office to start working from home, normally accessing the environment in Microsoft Azure, and without exposing the entire environment to the internet.

To solve this business problem and come up with a solution compatible with the requirements, I defined that it was necessary to implement Point-to-Site (P2S) VPNs, so that employees who were working from home would close an encrypted tunnel between their computer and the Microsoft Azure environment.


  • Microsoft Azure Account

Solution Architecture

Tools & Technology

  • Azure VPN Gateway
  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Azure Virtual Networks

Project Implementation Phases

1 – Create Virtual Network

2 – Create a Linux Virtual Machine without public IP

3 – Create Virtual Network Gateway

4 – Create the certificates

5 – Virtual Network Gateway > Point-to-site configuration

6 – Test the connection from an alleged employee at home office through a P2S VPN Tunnel