Project Description

In another project based on a real world scenario, I acted as a Cloud Specialist in a company that used Google Cloud and AWS services in separate architectures.

The company decided to interconnect the two architectures, in a completely private way, using the Virtual Private Gateway, Customer Gateway, Cloud Routers, Cloud VPN, among other services.

However, they needed it in production in a week. So, once GCP and AWS accounts were created, to save time, I decided to deploy it in a 100% automated way using Terraform.


  • AWS Account
  • GCP Account

Solution Architecture

Tools & Technology

  • Terraform
  • Google Cloud VPN
  • Amazon VPC
  • Cloud Router

Project Implementation Phases

1 – Create a project on Google Cloud

2 – Check if billing is enabled

3 – Enable the Compute Engine API

4 – Start Cloud Shell – take care to be inside the project

5 – Download Project files and extract the .zip

6 – Access project folder and add execute permission to all .sh files

7 – Creating Credentials on Google Cloud and AWS

8 – Preparing Terraform

9 – Configure de Project

10 – Generate a key pair

11 – Importing the key to Google Cloud and AWS

12 – Terraform execution

13 – Connect to the AWS instance and test communication with the GCP instance

14 – Removing all resources at the end of the lab