Deployment of a Web Video Backup Application integrated with OCI Python SDK to allow upload of videos in the Private Bucket (Object Storage), using Instance Principals (Dynamic Groups) for Authentication and Authorization of the API – Totally Keyless

Project Description In this project based on a real-world scenario, I acted as Cloud Architect to deploy an application that allowed the Video Makers Team to upload backup video files to a Private Bucket in the OCI. Requirements Solution Architecture Tools & Technology

Infrastructure As Code and Pipeline: Deployment of Network Resources and Compute in the OCI in a 100% automated way using GitHub, Terraform Cloud and Terraform IaC

Project Description A company specializing in luxury furniture sales, needed to provision an infrastructure (Networking + Compute) in the OCI, to host its website called¬†Niture. As a prerequisite for this project, I had to use Infrastructure as Code (IaC). The main IaC tools used for this project were GitHub, Terraform Cloud and Terraform IaC.  Requirements […]