Deployment of a Web Application to automate talent onboarding using HTML / CSS / JS / BS (Front-end) + Python Flask (Back-end) with Cloud Storage and Cloud Functions 100% Serverless – Part 2

Project Description In this project based on a real-world scenario, I acted as a Cloud Expert in the deployment of a Web Application to automate the HR onboarding process. By filling out a form, the user is created in the Training Portal in a fully automated way. To deploy this solution, I used a Moodle […]

Deployment of Corporate Training Portal on Google Cloud Platform using Deployment Manager, Google Compute Engine & Cloud Storage – Part 1

Project Description In another real-world based project, I acted as a Cloud Specialist to implement a corporate training portal for employees. Moodle was the platform chosen to provide the training, and it’s one of the most popular e-Learning platforms among companies and universities around the world. We used the Deployment Manager and a Moodle image, […]

Migration of Intercontinental VM (USA Region to Australia Region) using Storage Snapshot through Google Cloud Internal Private Network in less than 30 minutes

Project Description In this real-world based project, I acted as a Cloud Specialist in a project to migrate application and database into an intercontinental (US → Australia Region) and fully private way using Google Cloud infrastructure. It was defined that after implementing the services focused on MySQL database and Registration Application of a large US […]