Project Description

In this real world-based project, I acted as a Cloud Specialist and used IAM services to create a Service Account. This service account allowed communication via scripts within the architecture through Cloud SDK and Python Scripts.


  • GCP Account

Solution Architecture

Tools & Technology

  • IAM Service Accounts
  • Python Scripts
  • Cloud SDK

Project Implementation Phases

1 – Install and configure Cloud SDK on the laptop

2 – Create a Service Account

3 – Create and download a key (.JSON) for the Service Account

4 – Download the Python script

5 – Install Python libraries from the Google Cloud Storage service on the laptop

6 – Create two new Cloud Storage Buckets for tests

7 – Run the Python script to validate that it is operational –

python ./<phyton_script> <key (.JSON)>

Out of respect for The Cloud Bootcamp’s intellectual property rights, codes used in this project are omitted from this article