Project Description

In this project based on a real-world scenario, I worked as a Cloud Engineer to deploy a Wiki to the cloud, 100% web, with access for all team members. This enabled collaborative document creation, and all team members could see the latest version of the document and propose improvements, allowing the team to better organize and manage documents.

To this solution deployment, I used Azure Database for PostgreSQL Servers and Azure App Service.

All important, procedural and operational documents, such as Runbooks and Knowledge Bases (KBs), which must always be available and are constantly updated, were no longer stored locally (standalone), avoiding data inconsistencies.


  • Microsoft Azure Account

Solution Architecture

Tools & Technology

  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Wiki.js
  • Docker
  • Resource Group

Project Implementation Phases

1 – Create a DB Instance in Azure PostgreeSQL

2 – Configure the Azure for PostgreeSQL firewall to allow access from other Azure services

3 – Create new Azure App Service resource – Docker type

4 – Configure Azure App Service

5 – Restart App Service, open URL and wait to load

6 – Configure the Wiki